Magical Anti Snoring Belt – Black/Blue

8,000.00 3,999.00

  • Stops snoring Immediately
  • Improves quality of sleep and overall health
  • Does not hinder speech and eating while in use
  • Adjustable strap, thus one size fits all


Snoring is a sign of obstruction of the airway and prevents the snorer from breathing adequately during sleep. Loss of sleep can lead to one experiencing morning headaches, feeling burnout, poor memory, and concentration. This anti-snoring solution is designed to maintain a slightly, forward position of the mouth and jaw, hence the passage of air that triggers snoring is prevented. It also solves the issue of the dropping back of the tongue to the throat by keeping the tongue in place making it an effective remedy in eliminating snoring that is as a result of blocked passageway. The user is able to talk and eat while the device is in place.


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